Please read over the FAQs below. If you still have a question that is not answered, you can contact us by e-mailing centraloffice@steubenvillesouth.com or calling (318) 448-6120. Thank you.

General Questions:

1) What is the cost to attend the conference?

All participants attending with groups must pay to attend the conference. The price for chaperones, group leaders and teens is $160 (unless in the Diocese of Alexandria). This will be paid in a $35 deposit per person and a $125 final payment per person; both are non-refundable and non-transferable.

2) Can I come to Steubenville South if I am not part of a group?

No, you must be a part of a youth group to attend Steubenville South. If you need help finding a group to attend with, you can contact our office. If you are over 21 years of age, you may also attend as a Volunteer. See our Volunteer Registration page for more information.

3) How big does a group have to be?

A group must consist of at least one youth and at least TWO adults.

4) Can we come if we are not a regular parish youth group?

Yes, you can make up a group of any youth and adults. However, our Verification Form must be signed by your parish's Pastor. You must have the support of your parish's Pastor and all of your adults must be in compliance with Safe Environment policies in order for your group to attend.

Group Leader Registration Questions:

1) What if my church attended last year but I was not the Group Leader?

Since we have moved to a new registration system every group must register their group as a new group.

2) How can I change the number of people in my group?

You will need to contact our office to add or remove spots from your group. You can email us at centraloffice@steubenvillesouth.com or you can call us at 318-448-6120.

3) Where can I find a copy of my invoice?

When you register your group, an invoice will be automatically generated and sent to you via email. If you need another copy, please contact our office and we will send you an accurate invoice.

4) Should I register youth on the website myself or ask them to register?

The only person who will be registering for the conference online is the group leader, and the only information that we will need to know before the conference is information about the group itself (church, group leader name, phone number, email address, number of participants in group, etc.)

5) What if someone registers for my group who doesn't belong there?

Participants aren’t going to be registering online, so this will not be a problem.

6) Where can I find all of the Due Dates listed?

You can find all of the Due Dates in the Policies and Procedures Booklet. This booklet can be found on the website.

7) What is the Verification Form?

The Verification Form is a form that lists all adults and youth in your group. You will be responsible for adding all names of participants and chaperones (including yourself) to this form, along with some personal information about each person on the form. It is signed by you and your Pastor. It states that all of your chaperones have received the proper training in your diocese/archdiocese to work with youth and that your group will adhere to all of our conference policies and procedures. It also states that all persons on the Verification Form are those persons attending the conference with your group. You MUST turn in an accurate and signed Verification Form with both your AND your Pastor's signatures in order to attend the conference.

8) Where can I find the Verification Form?

This form will be sent to each group leader through email a month before the conference. You are responsible for filling out your own Verification form. It is essential that all the names on the Verification form are those participants who are actually attending the conference with your group. Please make sure that this form is up-to-date at the time of the conference.

9) When is the Verification Form due?

The Verification Form is not due until check in on Friday of the conference. The form must be accurate, having all, and only, the names of those participants and chaperones attending the conference with your group.

10) What is the Liability Form?

It is the form that a parent (or self) signs stating that the youth (or adult) has permission to attend Steubenville South and will not hold Steubenville South responsible for any injuries. Each group member MUST turn in a Liability Form that has the parent's signature, or the group member will NOT be allowed into the conference. (If the group member is 18 years of age or older, they may sign the form themselves, instead of a parent.) Also, all chaperones must fill out a Liability form and sign it themselves and turn it in to the group leader.

11) Where can I find the Liability Forms for my group?

These forms will be emailed to the group leader.   Once you receive all the completed forms back, you will need to copy them and bring them with you to group check in on Friday of the conference. It is mandatory that you have two copies of each liability form because you will need to keep a copy of all the forms with you and a copy for us. This is important for First Aid purposes. No liability forms will be accepted before check in on Friday.

12) When are the Liability Forms due?

The Liability forms are not due, nor will they be accepted, until check in on Friday of the conference. The forms must be signed and alphabetized before check in to ensure a quick check in for you.

14) What if I need to add more spots after the May deadline?

Since our space is limited this year, you will need to contact our office to make sure we have the room to add more spots.

16) What if someone drops out of my group? Can I replace them?

Yes, a paid spot for the conference may be filled by any person. You will need to have them complete a liability form. You will also need to put their name on the Verification Form and remove the other person’s name.  Please note, since everything is done online now, replacements must be done before Wednesday of conference week to allow time for the office to process the liability form.

17) What do I need to bring to Check-In at the conference?

You must bring an accurate Verification Form and all completed Liability Forms alphabetized. Remember to have an extra copy of all liability forms. You need to know the exact number of persons in your group and the male/female breakdown and youth/chaperone breakdown when you arrive. You must bring any outstanding payments.