Let Franciscan L.E.A.D. prepare your teens for the next level of Leadership, Evangelization, and Discipleship.  Their witness will never be the same!

What is Franciscan L.E.A.D., and who is it for?
Franciscan L.E.A.D. is a dynamic Catholic leadership opportunity for teens that are ready to step up to the next level in leadership, evangelization, and discipleship.  It is directed and facilitated by well-trained young adults and youth ministers who will equip and empower high school youth to be a witness for the Catholic faith and prepare them for ongoing service in evangelization.

What is the commitment and what will they get out of it?
It is a five-day, Christ-centered, sacrament-soaked, prayer-fueled immersion in Catholic teachings on leadership, evangelization, and discipleship.  The life and witness of St. Francis of Assisi inspire these teachings.  Each day of training will consist of workshops on topics including how to develop a prayer life, overcoming sin through the Sacraments, how to share their personal testimony, servant leadership, and other practical tools for developing their faith.

This is a great opportunity for teens that they won't want to miss!  Check out Steubenville's L.E.A.D. page for more information.

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Franciscan L.E.A.D. | Steubenville South Conference
June 21 - 25, 2021 | $COST


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"I went into the L.E.A.D. week totally nervous and having a few problems with my faith, and came out feeling strong and confident in my faith as a soldier of God.  Throughout the week all my fears about who I was and what I had to do vanished.  I found confidence and strength in God and I slowly, through the week, realized that God has it all under control and that HE LOVED ME for who I was."

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