Ignite Confirmation rally attracts 165 students

It’s not always easy to ignite a young person’s desire to love and follow Jesus, but that’s exactly what the first Ignite Confirmation rally did at the Alexander Fulton Hotel, Jan. 11. 

More than 165 confirmation candidates and confirmation catechists attended the first Ignite rally, sponsored by the Office of Religious Formation and Training.  Presenters included Father Bryce Sibley, Bishop Ronald Herzog, and Chris Padgett.  Host, Dale dePerrodil and worship leader Kelly Pease Lombardi kept the students entertained and inspired. 

Bishop Herzog talked to the candidates about the Confirmation process, followed by Q&A.  According to rally coordinator Luc Noel, the event was well received by those who attended. 

“The feedback we’ve received from the students and the catechists has all been very positive,” said Noel.  “It was n exciting event that seems to have accomplished what we set out to do.  We hope to offer another one next year.”